No, Kraft Screen & Door no longer does window washing.

Yes, Kraft Screen & Door has a minimum charge of $200.00 which includes a $50.00 on site fee.

No, as long as your order totals at least $150.00 in product plus the $50.00 on site fee you are not charged anything extra. If your product is less than $150.00 plus the $50.00 onsite fee, you will be charged the minimum of $200.00.

No, Kraft Screen & Door will come out for a measurement and then email an estimate to you. For some products you can get a free quote over the phone.

No, but Kraft Screen & Door does replace window screens.

No, Kraft Screen & Door can only repair Exterior, Interior, Patio, Storm, Security, and Retractable Screen doors that were installed by Kraft.

Yes, Kraft Screen & Door charges a 3% Credit Card Processing Fee (surcharge fee) on all credit card payments. This fee is not applied to other payment types, such as: Debit Cards, Cash or Checks.

Window and Door Screens

No, we do not take measurements over the phone. However, we now have a way for customers to order window and patio door screens online, providing their own measurements for a discounted rate. The customer will take responsibility for the measurements being correct.
Please click this link: Shop.

We have standard pricing for all window screens, the price is determined by the type of hardware your screen needs, not the size.

In most cases no. We have several standard color options for each different sized frame.

Yes and No. This depends on the type of screens you are getting (hardware, mesh type and frame color), the quantity of screens, and where geographically you are located.

Yes. You have several options including two storm doors, retractable screens that meet in the middle, and one retractable screen that spans the width of both doors.

Door Installation

Measure typically takes 1-2 weeks and the install depending on the product and season usually takes 3-4 weeks.

Doors are not scheduled until the product is received by Home Depot (if you’re a Home Depot customer) or Kraft.

Interior, Exterior, Patio Sliding Doors, French Doors, Barn Doors

No, we currently do not install pocket doors.

No, we do not work on commercial doors/building due to the frame work required.

Yes, conversion can work both ways. From a slider to French or a French to a slider.