Pet Products: Mesh, Patio Grills and Pet Pride Doors

Pet products are a huge part to Kraft Screen and Door. The most popular pet product that we offer is our Pet mesh. Pet Mesh is a strong vinyl-coated polyester mesh material that is seven times stronger than your regular insect mesh, helping resist damages from pet’s claws. This is an upgrade option in all of the screen products that we offer (window screens, patio door screens, retractable screens, and motorized screens). If you don’t have a pet, but are looking for a stronger mesh option this is the product for you. While keeping excellent outward visibility, you will have peace of mind that your pet mesh screen will outlast any other fiberglass mesh you have had in the past.

Another pet product we offer is our patio screen Pet Grills. The pet grills only mount on the outside of your sliding screen door. The purpose of the pet grill is to protect the bottom half (approximately the bottom 33”) of your screen from pets who are scratching to get in. Rather than scratching up the mesh, there claws will hit the pet grill and save your mesh from getting damaged. Another helpful purpose of a pet grill would to protect the screen from young kinds leaning on the screen door.  A popular combination would be for people to do pet mesh with a pet grill, insuring the most longevity out of there screen door. Our pet Grills do range in sizes and colors. We offer three standard colors, white, gray, and bronze. We have the capability to put a pet grill on any size screen door up to 50” wide.

The last pet product we offer is our Pet Pride Doors. Installation of these doors can only be performed on our standard 600 series doors. The pet door has an extruded aluminum frame that fits into the corner of our sliding screen door. The door is equipped with magnets on both sides of the rubber to help keep the door closed and to prevent drafts, dust, and insects. All doors come with a drop-in security panel. What this means is you insert the security panel in the groves provided by the pet pride door to prevent any animals from coming in or going out. The Pet Pride doors come in 4 different sizes, ranging from small (4.75” x 7.125”) to X-Large (14.5” x 19.5”). Pet Pride doors add convenience to your life by allowing your pet to come and go without having to constantly opening and closing a screen door.