Why it’s Important to Have Your Window & Door Screens Made to Custom Fit

Kraft Screen and Door finds it important to take the time to come out and make custom measurements on your window screens and patio doors. The biggest reason is simply so that they will have a perfect fit.

Generally, when customers reach out to us for screens, they usually don’t have a new home. Most of the time they have either just moved into a preexisting house or they are finally changing out the screens that came with their home 15 years ago. With that being said, homes tend to shift and settle over time. The screen that was original to the home, may have fit great 15 years ago, but may be too tight or too lose now. By having Kraft Screen & Door out to do custom measurements, you are guaranteeing that you are going to get the right fit for your screen needs. One thing we run into all the time is a customer’s patio screen door does not work like it used to. A lot of times this is simply because of the home settling. We have the capability to produce window screens and patio sliding screens down to the 1/16th of an inch, making it super easy for us to get the exact size you need.

While you could save a few bucks by going to your local hardware store to get a “one-size fits all” screen, you will most likely fight with getting it in and out of the sill for the whole life of the screen. Instead, you could call us and have us come out get measurements and build a window or door screen customized for your exact opening and then never have to worry about it again. Let us take the stress out of measuring your home’s screens.

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  • Have a house in Newberg, 1553 E 2nd St. built in 1906, old sash windows, no screens. Would like someone to come by and give a quote.

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